About us

Cheesemakers from Holland

In Holland we have perfected the art of cheese making for centuries. Special recipes and production methods have been handed down from generation to generation by experts and renowned Dutch cheesemakers. This long tradition has led to the creation of the highest quality range of Kroon® cheeses


The Assortment

An assortment of cheeses with a unique combination of flavor, appearance and texture that make the most delicious experience.


Unique Flavor

Each Kroon® specialty is characterized by its maturation time (from 4 to 78 weeks), by its type of milk (cow or goat) and a special and patented production method that makes the taste experience so exceptional.


Ideas & Recipes

Combine Kroon® with nuts, fruit, wine, beer, or other beverages to create new, bold, and delicious flavor combinations. Try something of your own or follow our recommendations to experience new and delicious creations.


Award winning

  • Holland Master Young: Gold World Championship Wisconsin 2020
  • Holland Master Mature: Silver World Championships Wisconsin 2020