Toasted Cablanca Goat Cheese Sandwich

Serves: 4 People | Cooking time: about 15 minutes


A creamy toasted cheese sandwich, with grilled zucchini and a touch of fresh crunchy basil; perfect for a comforting lunch or a light dinner.


– 1 zucchini 7oz

– 2 tbsp olive oil

– 2 fresh basil sprigs

– 4 slices Cablanca goat cheese  

– 8 slices whole wheat bread

– 8 tbsp tomato ketchup




1. Preheat the grill.

2. Cut the zucchini into 24 slices. Brush both sides with olive oil and grill for 3 to 4 minutes on each side until golden brown.

3. Pick the basil leaves off the sprigs and chop the stalks.

4. Spread the bread slices on one side with tomato ketchup. Put 4 slices, ketchup side up, on a work surface and cover with the grilled zucchini. Scatter the chopped basil stalks and some black pepper on top. Follow with a slice of cheese and some basil leaves. Place the remaining slices of bread, ketchup side down, on top.

5. Toast the sandwiches until golden brown. Halve them diagonally and serve hot!


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