About Kroon

A delicious moment with friends

Make it with Kroon


Nothing is better than having good friends around and sharing great food.

Made with true devotion to cheese, Kroon is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Kroon is one of the oldest Dutch cheese brands.

Its rich flavours and premium taste make any occasion even more delicious.

Enjoy with the best company.



Product of Holland

The country known for its cheese


Holland has the perfect conditions for producing high quality cheese.

Fresh green meadows provide the ideal environment for the famous

Friesian cows and our mild climate helps produce the superior milk

that is the foundation of our creamy cheese.


Edam, Maasdam and Gouda are named after historical

Dutch towns, where they have been sold for centuries.

In the 14th century, Edam was an important port from which

the cheese was shipped to other parts of the world.



Kroon: A brand of FrieslandCampina

The Story of Milk


FrieslandCampina provides people around the world

with all the good things milk has to offer.


Together with our member dairy farmers, we are milk experts

who are continually expanding our knowledge

of the applications of milk – from the quality of the pasture land

on which the cows graze to the tasty and healthy products.

And all steps in between.